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Patrick Buratti

6070 Le Mans· Newport Beach, Ca 80517 · (714) 695-1876


Master degree graduate interested in a telecommunications position in the Denver or Boulder area. Highty skilled in the use of computers, audio/video equipement and the uplink/downlink aspect of sattelite communications. Intersested in positions with a strong international componement. Willing to travel.


Colorado state university (1999-2001)

Saint Philip University (1996-1999)


Sattelite Technician(Front Range Media Inc. 1998-1999) : Monitored sattelite uplink/downlink procedures to assure quality video transmission. Aided Technicians with transmission problems. Assisted in the assembly and maintenance of facilty.

Technician Assistance (Mountain View Bank 1997-1998) : Managed data proccessing system. Handled user requested and discussed programming options. Managed delivery service.

Salesperson (Computer Visions 1996): Sales and costumer support in computer and electronics Managed commercial account in Mountain View and Crabtree locations.