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My homepage has nothing to do with Sony, WebTv, The WebTV Networks, Inc. or any other company or homepage. This is my personal homepage. Any codes that I have on my pages are mine. If you think that you had them first or that you own them just e-mail me and I will put a link to your page on my links/credits page if I feel like it is the proper thing to do. Although I will give people credit for things that does not mean that anybody owns the codes or is the inventor or has copyright rights to any of the codes. ANYBODY on the internet can post HTML, Javascript, WebTV codes on their pages without having to check to see if they are copyrighted or not. WebTV owns all of the WebTV tricks on my pages because they invented them, we the users of their service just find the codes, but none of us own them or can copyright them. The only things on the internet that can be copyrighted are original graphics, logos, a registered name of a site, original poems, and other writings. HTML codes and WebTV codes do not fall under any of these categories. Please note however that some javascript codes such as clocks and upload services, and cgi's can be copyrighted, but none of those type of codes will be posted on my page so don't worry about it. If you use any of the codes on my pages to do something illegal I am not responsible for any of that. You are the one responsible for what you do with them so please be careful and don't do anything stupid. Ok that covers just about everything. In conclusion, you can take any of the codes on my pages and use them on your own pages without having to worry about anything.