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Welcome to my Lessons & Codes Pages. I have grouped some of the similar codes together to make it easier to find what you want, such as clocks, forms, alerts, etc., or you can scroll down the entire list below as usual.

Javascript Alert Pop Up Box
Javascript Marquee Pop Up Box
Javascript Double Marquee Pop Up Boxes
Background Color Change Pop Up Box
Background Color Change Form
Radio Button Background Changer
Simple Font Face Clock
Status Bar Clock
Running 24 Hour Clock
Pop Up Clock
OnMouseover Pop Up Box
Window Status Bar Changer
Really Simple Clock
Simple Clock with Color
Simple Status Bar Clock
Another Running Clock
International Date Clock
Confirm or Cancel Pop Up Box
Clickable Pop Up Box
Clickable Pop Up Box Button
Alert Pop Up Box with Image
Clickable Picture Pop Up Box
Javascript Pull Down Linkform
Text to Voice Form
E-Mail Form With Comment Box
Checkbox Form
E-Mail Form with Pull Down Menu
E-Mail Form with Picture Button
Scrolling Status Bar
Background Flasher
Javascript Referrer Code
Page Updated Code
Page Reload Script
Javascript Browser Tester
Browser Detector
Javascript Name Prompt Script
Javascript Password Pop Up Box
The password is html, Use bad password to see code to do it.
Javascript Seperate Status Bar & Header Messages Script
Javascript Back Buttons
onClick Pop Up Button
Meta Redirect Code
Meta Back to Back Music Code